A very warm welcome to The Small Studio

My name is Sarah Edmonds. I’m a qualified Art Psychotherapist

My therapeutic approach through using art materials is profoundly relational. No two people are the same so no one way of working will suit everyone

We are all products of the environments and experiences we have been exposed to and positively or negatively these factors imprint our life’s ongoing narrative

Sometimes revisiting these experiences can be an enlightening way to engender self-reflection and personal awareness. Working psychodynamically, unconscious material can be expressed non-verbally through the artwork.  This can then be viewed together through the triangular relationship of Art Therapy – the connection and shared viewing of the art between the client and the therapist

Working with art materials is often most useful when words may fail

  • I am registered with the HCPC – (Health and Care Professions Council) hcpc-uk.org/ and abide by their code of ethics
  • I hold my own professional indemnity insurance, participate in regular supervision and engage with ongoing continue professional development opportunitie